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Bella Blythe
Dance | Yoga | Movement




"My artistic practice is rooted in movement and performance but 

incorporates and explores other mediums such as film, sound, costume, photography and visual arts. I am interested in capturing feelings that cannot be accurately encapsulated in words and expressing the parts of our identity that fall "outside the box". I have an interest in how the arts connect individuals and communities both in our cultural heritage and also contemporary arts. I take inspiration from surrealism, folklore and politics in my approach to creating work."

Bella graduated with a first class Ba(Hons) in Dance and Choreography from Falmouth University and they have qualified as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and yoga teacher. Bella has since been working as a Choreographer, Stage Manager, Dance & Yoga Teacher and in Arts Marketing in Oxford and the South West.

They have had the opportunity to work creatively with many distinguished artists and companies including Jeanefer Jean-Charles Company, Body Politic, Mandala Theatre Company, Wild Works, Lavrak Circus and T(art) Productions. Bella's work also includes a focus on community practices and teaching, they have worked with a diverse set of communities and non profit organisations such as Mind, Crisis and Care 2 Dance.



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